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Vehicle Information

Imagin8 offers the most comprehensive database of vehicle information in South Africa.

Reg to VIN

Use our extensive database to identify vehicles by VIN or Registration number. If it’s on the roads, there’s a 99% chance it’s on our database.

We offer two different sources of information for Registration to VIN lookups so that you can identify the VIN, make and model of a vehicle accurately simply by using the Registration number as input.

All of our data services are available via our online eValue8 Broker Portal, or via API so you can integrate these services into your own software applications.

Priced from R4.50 per call.

VIN to Reg

Our VIN to Reg lookup offers one of the most extensive match rates in South Africa. Using a VIN number as input, we return the vehicle description as it appears on the vehicle’s license disc. Our extensive intelligent API’s can narrow down the list of possible model matches to help you identify the exact vehicle model in your search if our own databases can’t provide a one to one match. Our database is growing in intelligence daily, and our coverage is the most comprehensive in South Africa.

Priced from R4.50 per call.

Static Vehicle Information

Our Static Information offers access to over 126 fields per motor vehicle model giving you everything there is to know about every vehicle on the road, including engine specifications, fuel type, doors, cylinders, cubic capacity, air bags, tyre size, tyre pressure, warranty information, and more.

Price on application

Vehicle Ownership

Imagin8 offers the only service giving you a list of vehicles linked to an ID or BRN number. Use this service to prepopulate your customer’s data when onboarding or quoting. This data service is not available to marketing functions looking to upsell.

Priced from R4.50 per call.

Traffic Fines

Get a detailed listing of fines linked to an ID number or vehicle registration number. You can also use Imagin8’s partners to get traffic fines settled or reduced.

Priced from R5.00 per call.

License Disc Renewal

Use our API to get the license expiry date for a vehicle, and make use of our partners to offer your customers a convenient license renewal service. Licenses are delivered door to door, or to a nominated Postnet branch.

Prices depend on service and delivery method selected and range from R 169 to R199 excluding Department fees.

Applications of Imagin8’s Vehicle Data Products

You can string our data products together seamlessly to enhance your User Experience, and shorten onboarding time. Ask your customer for their ID number, and use our Vehicle Ownership API to return a list of the customer’s vehicles. Once selected, use our VIN/Reg or Reg Check API to get the vehicle details, including the VIN, Engine number and License Expiry Date. Look up any outstanding traffic fines to assess the driver’s behavior.