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Stable, Above average Returns

We have partnered with some extra ordinary organizations to bring you stable opportunities to grow your money at above average rates. Following the virtual collapse of the global financial markets, individuals and businesses are seeking instruments that provide high growth with minimal risk.

Our Medium Risk Loan Asset Class

Put your money into a Loan Asset class that offers you both the stability of guaranteeing your capital as well as your capital growth at 3% to 5% above prime. Our partners offer four different products to suit your investment horizon and capital access requirements. Loan Asset Class terms are usually about 5 years, and the four different products allow you the choose between a fixed or monthly investment (from as little as R1000pm), and you can choose to draw your interest out monthly or at the end of the term.

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Here’s an actual monthly statement from one of our clients, and a screenshot of that same customer’s Retirement Annuity growth. You can see why an alternative way to grow your money is becoming more and more critical in these uncertain times.

Our higher risk, higher return partners

Imagin8 has partnered with Legion Capital to bring you an alternative means of growing your capital with above average returns. Click here to visit the Legion Capital website and find out about their alternative global market strategy.

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