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SME Accelerator
There are Incubators and there are Accelerators. An incubator is a place that offers a safe environment for your business to grow while it is in the early stages, while it is vulnerable. In the farming world, an incubator is a safe and nurturing place with warm lights, and protection from the outside world. But and accelerator is so much more.
Imagin8’s Accelerator

offers you a range of flexible essential services that your business needs to grow at a rapid pace. Post COVID-19, we’re going to see an entirely different landscape of business. Old practices died the day of the lockdown. Businesses are adapting to a new normal that changes by the minute. You need an office, but you still need to save costs and work from home. You need professional services like auditors, accountants and lawyers, but you can’t afford full time salaries. You need high speed internet, but you can’t justify spending all that money for your small business.

Imagin8’s Accelerator gives you access to everything you need starting from fully equipped flexible affordable professional shared office space in half-day slots. You can rent a desk for a half day or a full day, one day a month, every Tuesday and Friday – whatever you need, as long as we’ve got availability. Our first Accelerator is located in Bedfordview just minutes from Bedford Centre, Gilooley’s Interchange, and Eastgate. We have 10 desks equipped with comfortable chairs, external monitors, and telephone handsets. You can connect to our high-speed business quality uncapped fiber, make use of our printing facilities and our fully equipped kitchen. Our desks are rented out in half-day slots, and our contracts run for one year. Select which days of the week you want your office space, select morning or afternoon, and you’ve got an instant office. You’re one step closer to accelerating your business because office space isn’t the only thing our accelerator offers.

What we offer

We offer a range of software products and services that will help you ramp up your business. Use our SME Expert software to run your business operations and use our resident business experts to get valuable advice on how to navigate obstacles in your business. If you need guidance on setting up your financial systems, customer management processes, access to legal or professional services, use our extensive network of professionals to get what you need.

You’ll get so much more than just office space when you connect with Imagin8’s SME Accelerator.