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Debit Orders: FAQ

The account number, branch code and account type did not pass the banks' validation alogrithm. The transaction was presented to the bank, but the bank rejected the account details. Check that the account number AND account type are correct. You can make use of Imagin8's Real Time Intelligence services to validate a bank account. See Products->Real Time Intelligence->Bank Account Validation from the top menu on this page.
A Late Rejection occurs when a debit transaction is rejected after payment of your batch has already been made to you. A Late Rejection creates a negative balance on the batch from which it originated. Imagin8 transfers this negative balance to the next batch that has not yet been paid out. You will receive email notification when a negative balance has been transferred to another batch for set-off.
Depending on the terms of your agreement with Imagin8, your payment is set to a specified dayof the month, or a certain number of days after strike. To see your payout date, login to the customer Portal (Click on Login on the menu bar at the top of this screen), and take a look at the batch payout listed in the right hand column of the batch summary.
Banking regulations, as well as policing of illegal transactions by Payments Association of SA (PASA) has resulted in a tightening of policy surrounding collection by debit order. A Mandate is physical proof that the accountholder has given you to collect monies from their bank account by debit order, and must conform to both the sponsoring bank and PASA's minimum stipulations. Imagin8's new Mandate wording has been approved by our sponsoring bank. If you're still using an outdated Mandate wording, you could be flagged by PASA, and you could face penalties of up to R50,000.

eValue8 Broker: FAQ

No :) The bundles were named after different types of vehicles just because this product is all about motor vehicles, but every package gives you access to every vehicle in the TransUnion database.
If there are no Retail or Trade values lited for a vehicle, TransUnion has not published a value for the vehiicle. This could be due to low market sales activity. In the past, TransUnion used to entertain ad-hoc requests to investigate and provide estimations in such cases, but this facility has since been withdrawn, and we are unable to pursue these cases with TransUnion. Their advice in these cases is to contact a dealer to get an estimation of value.
TransUnion guides do not cover "Exotics". This category unfortunately includes most very high-value sports cars like Ferrari, Aston Martin, MCLaren and Lamborghini. Because the prices of these vehicles don't move in the same way that ordinary motor vehicles do, developing a statistical pricing model to accurately reflect this becomes difficult, and TransUnion have taken the position that they will publish only New values for these. To determine a retail or trave value, please contact a deal.
TransUnion only value motorcycles up to 15 years old.
If the vehicle you're looking for is brand new, we may still be waiting for the vehicle to be loaded on the TransUnion database. If the vehicle is older than 25 years, TransUnion will not cover this vehicle as it only provides values for vehicles older than 25 years. Some vehicles were reclassified, for example Colt vehicles are listed under Mitsubishi, and Toyota Hino is listed under Hino. Still not helpful? Log into the eValue8 Broker Online app, and log a support ticket, listing as much information about the vehicle as possible, and we'll do our best to help you find it.
For first line support, please email support@imagin8.co.za, or log a support ticket from the Support menu option in the eValue8 Broker portal. You can also call us on 081 680 8888.

If you need to escalate your support issue, or are not satisfied with the result, please contact adam@imagin8.co.za or call 082-IMAGIN8 (0824624468).
Your account may not be active, or the application you are using to access eValue8 may not be configured with the correct Username, Password and/or Client ID. Please check your credentials inthe configuration screen of your software application. You can also try logging in to the online eValue8 Broker application (click Login from the top menu) and test your login credentials there.