This is an important update regarding pricing of eValue8 data services which draw their data from TransUnion. This includes all the eValue8 bundles.
As from 1st May 2019, TransUnion will no longer allow Imagin8 to aggregate the collective usage of all its customers. TransUnion will regard each customer individually.  This will have a major impact on pricing.
From 1st May 2019, the following Tiered Pricing table will apply:

Please note that there is a minimum “bundle” of 127 transactions per month, at a charge of R1261.00pm billing option. This essentially runs month to month with a 30-day cancellation notice period.
Option B: Fixed Price Billing
TransUnion has offered a 12-month fixed fee option, based on your average usage over the past 12 months. A fixed fee for your organisation is available on request.  Please take special note that there will be a 12-month contract associated with a fixed price option.
Prices exclude VAT.
Option A: Transactional Billing
Adopting the Tiered Pricing model above requires no change on your part, but Imagin8 requires your express consent before the 1st May 2019. There is no long-term lock-in on the Tiered Pricing.