Bulk SMS
Cost effective bulk SMS facility for all levels of usage

Imagin8 Bulk SMS

Whether you're sending out 10 SMS's a month, or 1,000,000, Imagin8 has a cost effective and easy-to-use solution for you.

Two ways to implement

You can use our Bulk SMS service through our front end, or easily integrate into your software applictation with our user-friendly API's.

Personalize communications

Even with just 160 characters, making your communication personal is vital to connecting with your customer. You can set placeholders in your template so you can personalize each and every message sent.

Monitor your usage

You'll be able to monitor your usage via our online Porral in real time.

Lowest rates in SA

Buy your SMS packages in bundles to suit your needs. Bundles never expire, so you can use your credits whenever you want to. Our rates are among the lowest in SA. Compare our rates and see how we can save you money.

Opening An Account

To open an account with Imagin8, you'll need to complete an Agreement, select your package, and pay in advance for your first bundle.

You'll be able to sign into your account immediately thereafter via the Online Portal. You can download the API documentation from the Developer's page to integrate our SMS sending services into your applictaion.

Access and Integration

Available Online 24/7

All of our Real-Time Intelligence services are available to you through the eValue8 Online App. Each service you subscribe to is available to you immediately. Services can be added or removed as you require.

Integrated into your Applications

Each one of our Real-Time Intelligence services is also available through our Web Services, and can be easily integrated into your own software applications. Hundreds of customers already enjoy the flexibility of using our Real Time Intelligence in a variety of different Third-Party software applications. Take a look at our growing list of Strategic Partners and Customers. To Integrate our Web Services into your application, visit our Developer Page or contact Imagin8 now.