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Imagin8 Data

Real-time data to answer any critical question about cars and customers.

SME Accelerator

Serious about your business? Get onto Imagin8’s Accelerator for exponential growth.

Imagin8 Money

Out of the ordinary growth through our unique partnerships

Products and Services

Imagin8 Data

We’re the leading distributor of TransUnion Auto’s vehicle values. New, Retail and Trade values on over 100,000 vehicles. Available via our Online Portal, integrated into the leading software applications or use our API suite to integrate into your software platforms.
Everything you need to know about motor vehicles. VIN to Reg, Reg to VIN, Static Vehicle information
Real time 10-point validation on most South African bank accounts. Available via our Online Portal, integrated into our Debit Order Customer Portal, and available via API to integrate into your own software applications.

SME Accelerator

Imagin8 Money

Financial Instruments that offer above average growth in uncertain times. Low risk financial asset class offering 11.75%pa and above, and higher risk products offering over 20%pa* returns.
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Why Choose Us?

Imgain8 was established in 1994. Since then we’ve grown into a high-performance technology platform that delivers critical services to our customers, helping their businesses to grow.

Imagin8’s three divisions offer critical services to their identified markets.

Imagin8’s Data Platform

is the leading source of motor vehicle information in South Africa. Every day we help hundreds of businesses answer thousands of questions about their customers in real time. Imagin8 is the leading distributor of TransUnion Auto’s vehicle information, and hosts the most comprehensive database of vehicle profiles in the country. Our data is integrated into most of the leading software applications, making our service even more valuable to our customers. Our data is available via our customer portal, as well as through our API layer for easy integration into application software.

Imagin8 SME Accelerator

was born out of our own success in leveraging technology to grow our business, together with our passion to help other businesses grow.

We now offer the benefit of our investment in technology to help accelerate the growth of your business. SMExpert Business Management Platform gives your business a basket of services and technology solutions which you can assemble as required to accelerate your business growth. Choose from these services:

  • SMExpert Business Management Platform gives your business an instant online presence and helps you run and manage critical operational functions to grow your business.
  • Imagin8 Debit Orders helps you get the money your customers owe you paid to you on time
Imagin8 Money

offers you a choice of Low and Medium risk financial instruments that delivers above average returns. Through our relationships with our partners, you have access to opportunities to grow your money by more than 11% per annum. With uncertainty looming in what we once perceived as a stable financial market, having an alternative means to grow your capital is becoming more and more attractive. Imagin8 brings you two of our partners who are outperforming the average.

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