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The most popular source of motor vehicle value information in South Africa

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Imagin8 is the leading distributor of Vehicle Information in South Africa. We are the largest distributor of TransUnion Auto's industry guides, and the only technology solution that integrates directly with most leading Insurance and Motor Industry software application programs.

eValue8 gives you access to current vehicle pricing and risk management information.

Use eValue8 Online, or in your preferred application

You can use eValue8 via our online App on any device, anywhere.
eValue8 is also available as a Desktop app, or as an integrated part of your enterprise management software. eValue8 is already incorporated into many leading broker and automotive administration software packages:

Unlimited Users

eValue8's Online App can be used by anyone in your organisation, anywhere, any time.
TransUnion's data products are now only available on a transactional basis, which means that you only pay for what you use, and anyone in your organisation can have access to eValue8.

Updated Monthly

Data is updated every month and because all applications make use of our Web Services, you're always looking at the latest data. Historical data is also available, so if you need to look up a value from a previous period, all the historical values are availabel to you.

eValue8 Costs

Choose your bundle. This gives you a bundle of lookup transactions each month:

Bundle Subscription Fee Transactions Bonus
Total Monthly
Effective cost
per transaction
eValue8 Tuk-TukR169.00 pm63770R2.41
eValue8 SedanR399.00 pm15023173R2.31
eValue8 LimoR599.00 pm22645271R2.21
eValue8 SUVR1,099.00 pm41488502R2.19
eValue8 HummerR2,099.00 pm792174966R2.17
eValue8 BedfordR4,099.00 pm15463871933R2.12
eValue8 SchoolbusR8,159.00 pm30789254003R2.04
eValue8 BusR16,129.00 pm608619188004R2.02
eValue8 Luxury BusR19,949.00 pm7527248510012R1.99
eValue8 Double-DeckerR23,409.00 pm8833318112014R1.95
eValue8 Box TruckR28,599.00 pm10792420915001R1.91
eValue8 Log TruckR37,329.00 pm14086591720003R1.87
eValue8 Tank TruckR54,829.00 pm20690931130001R1.83
eValue8 Sixteen WheelerR62,889.00 pm237311127335004R1.80
eValue8 Eighteen WheelerR70,669.00 pm266671333440001R1.77
eValue8 Haul TruckR78,199.00 pm295091549245001R1.74

Out of Bundle Transactional Pricing

Each out-of-bundle transaction is billed at R2.65 per transaction Excl Vat

Prices Exclude VAT. Prices valid from 1st October 2017 to 30th September 2018. Prices are reviewed annually.

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An authorized distributor of TransUnion Auto.


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